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Recon XZT
New for 2006 Quadzilla is bringing you the RECON XZT gauge. The Recon utilizes a 4 digit 7 segment display that is easy to use in all lighting conditions. To navigate the menu system we used our custom elastomer buttons. This 3 button system is simple to navigate allowing the user to easily flip through the monitored parameters or the menu system. The buttons are backlit for simple navigation at night. The brightness of the Recon is also user adjustable.

This new digital gauge is an incredible value that is packed with features that many products cannot offer even at double the price! The Recon will read EGT, Boost and Transmission/Oil temperature. The RECON can also be upgraded to replace the Transmission/Oil Sensor for a Fuel Pressure kit. The Recon also gives you the ability to set a warning for each parameter monitored. Once a warning is reached the screen will flash that parameter and its current reading. If that was not enough, the Recon will also record the maximum value for each parameter. Amazingly we were able to package all these features into a package that will fit into the palm of your hand!

The Recon is powerful, yet it is very compact. We designed this product to mount on top of the steering column of almost any vehicle you want to mount it in. The Recon will sit on your steering column without obstructing the view of any of your factory gauges. Although we chose the steering column, the compact size allows you to mount the Recon in a variety of places.

Simple installation is also another important feature of all of our XZT products and the Recon is no different. The Recon simply needs to be connected to a 12v power source with the provided fuse taps, a ground source and then connected to the factory and provided sensor and thermocouple. There is no need to try and splice into the factory wiring for power or to light your gauge. There is also no need for an expensive a-pillar mount and custom paint to make it match. This is the easiest and most economical solution to monitoring your engine vitals available.

Do not let the size, affordability, and simplicity of this product fool you, this is an extremely accurate and efficient product. We guarantee you will not find a more accurate, fast responding gauge anywhere.

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