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The Commander Control System is the most powerful monitoring device ever produced for a diesel truck. There is no product that offers the features and user control that the Commander does. Using the Commander as a stand alone gauge will give you digital monitoring of up to 7 parameters simultaneously and allow you to set your own warning screens. When combined with a Quadzilla Xzillaraider module, or with any other adjustable module or chip on the market, the Commander gives you complete engine control and protection at your fingertips. The Commander will allow you to control your module based on most of the monitored parameters and it also has the ability to data log the monitored parameters so you can play them back or download them to your pc. If that is not enough, the Commander will also allow you to control multiple power modules at the same time!
While the functions of this gauge are far greater than anything ever built, we did not stop there. The Commander has the largest LCD screen of any stand alone type gauge. Behind the LCD is an adjustable white LED backlight for easy viewing at night. While the screen is huge, the Commander itself is not. Using the most advanced parts available allowed us to keep the Commander in an attractive custom built enclosure that fits nicely in your truck with simple installation.

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