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The reason I started this business was I love to make things to work better. In the pursuit of making things run better I discovered the companies that Iím now dealers for.

My love of Dieselís started 2 weeks after I got my learners permit. My dad bought a 91 single cab Dodge Cummins, and since then all of our trucks are compared to the 91. Six months later when I had a full driverís license I alone had driven that truck 8,000 miles with 7,800 of those miles with a trailer hooked up. Like I said, all of our trucks since have been compared to the 91, and all since have more than beat it in cab size and driving comfort, but when it comes to how the engine runs, itís a hard act to follow. Even with my heavy 2004 Dodge 3500 with bumper and flatbed, I have been able to get better mileage out on the highway, but in town or with a trailer hooked up, none of our trucks have been able to match its mileage.


I never got to do anything performance wise to the 91, it took a year after I won (yes won) my 2004 Dodge 3500 at a team roping in Wichita Falls, TX, before I finally said ďIím going to make it run betterĒ. Right after I won it, I put on a skirted CM flatbed and a Southwest Fabricators bumper and grill guard, but until a year later the only performance I had done to it was removing the muffler and putting in a drop in air filter. Finally in the summer of 2005 I ordered a standard Quadzilla Xzillaraider, I thought this was a great product so I became a dealer for them. Unfortunately for my wallet, my ďTinkering curseĒ has made me do a lot more to that truck, I am now running the new Xzillaraider II Race with intake and I just had to get rid of the straight pipe. The straight pipe was killing me with a trailer hooked up doing 70mph, it was shaking everything. My solution was to put the muffler back on with a Y-pipe and an electric butterfly valve in front of the muffler, so now I have noise options.


I started doing my own oil changes while I was going to the local community college. I didnít have to use my truck every day, so I didnít have to change my oil very often. All I was using it for was twice a week going to the rodeo arena to practice and to go to the College Rodeos (I rodeoed for Howard College and Tarleton State University for a combined 3 years). When I moved to Stephenville, TX for the rest of my college, I was driving 32 miles or so every day. The miles added up fast, and so did the oil changes. I started looking for synthetic oil that I would feel confident to go past 5,000 miles between changes. I discovered AMSOIL and love it, I almost made 2 full semesters between one last oil change, and I did it sooner than I really needed to.

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